Thursday, August 2, 2012

Turn Trauma into Triumph and Purpose

The Hero Challenge is honored to feature our next hero. This is a story of trauma, survival, perseverance and faith; this is a story of Amy Cummins, Sugar Land Police Officer; Victim Service Coordinator.

When we think of our childhood, not all have happy memories but most have been given, at the least, comfort, provision, guidance, the necessities of life and above all else protection. This did not describe Amy’s childhood. Unfortunately, during Amy’s childhood the words to describe it would be fear, starvation, pain, and trauma through the age of 16.

Amy’s mother sent her to live with her aunt, uncle and cousins, as a young child, until she was able to provide for her. The events that happened during this time can be characterized as traumatic and violent as Amy was molested numerous times by baby sitters and the landlord. One can only surmise what Amy went through. At ten years old, Amy believed the worst was behind her as she moved back in with her mother; what she didn’t know is that it was just ahead of her 6 years later as she was raped twice more with one being a gang rape at gun point.

After such inconceivable events, one would think that Amy’s life would be aimless and bitter. But in her 20’s Amy would find out that she was actually conceived from a rape of her mother. Instead of thinking that she came out of something horrible, she felt God’s guidance and presence that would give her fight, determination, faith and that He had a plan for her. Even though it took years to realize, she feels that she was conceived for a greater purpose.

This fight, and determination, Amy believes, is in each of us and feels that even if other's may have been born in the same way, it can be turned around for the positive. Amy’s ability to share her inner most feelings to complete strangers and then getting that in return is a result of her experiences. She is now in school to become a sexual assault counselor and with the SLPD has helped countless people, through her crises counseling role, with understanding and without judgment. Amy has a “never give up” attitude and has turned her trauma into purpose.

Amy’s story is so inspiring, she not only survived, she thrived. Thank you, Amy, for being willing to share your amazing story. Amy’s charity is Please help this wonderful charity.

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