Saturday, July 7, 2012

Get a little drunk off the Love!

  Saint Arnold Brewing Company, of Houston Texas, is doing great things for a great organization!  They have re-created a treasured brew, and proudly named it ‘Homefront IPA’.   Homefront IPA is a golden amber, with layers of flavor, “a big citrusy nose….” and a crisp finish.  

  This ‘Special Brew’ is truly hand crafted, and steeped in benevolence.  From the raw ingredients, to the distribution, many came together to support the creation of this beer.  Even the oranges, (responsible for the flavor’s ‘slight orange notes’) were zested by like-minded volunteers in the Houston area!  
  All proceeds from sales benefit ‘Operation Homefront’, which is a network offering financial aid, and much needed resources for our Military Service Men and Women, Wounded Warriors, and their families. To date, Saint Arnold has donated  $100000.00 to this worthy cause. 

  This beer is only offered for a limited time. So, look to pick up some Saint Arnold’s ‘Homefront IPA’ soon, and raise a glass to our Heroes, the businesses that give back, and to you…for supporting a wonderful cause. CHEERS!  

   To learn more, please visit,   and

Fox 26 News-Morning News Edition, Friday July 6, 2012                                                                                                         JMK

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