Monday, July 9, 2012

Johnny's Story of Heroism

As I have been advertising 'The Hero Challenge' blog,  especially as I look for heroes, I feel a change taking place 'within' as I look 'out'.   I feel hopeful and inspired!  There are so many ordinary people around us who have done extraordinary things, and I am excited to provide a place to share their stories with the world.  But, I have been a little disappointed,  to tell you the truth, because very few have come forth. This journey is not as easy as I had thought it would be, and already I have learned so much.  
As I began to talk with others, I realized that 'Heroes' are reluctant.  They don’t actually think of themselves as 'Heroes',  so it makes sense that few would present themselves as such.  I sought after the Hydo’s , our neighbors, to share their amazing story of courage, perseverance and legacy because I knew their story.  I pursued Johnny, and asked him about this next story, because I heard his. 

Johnny’s story took place about 20 years ago as he was driving down the freeway in Houston and witnessed a terrible accident.   A young woman had lost control of her vehicle, and her vehicle ended up over a guard rail.  The impact of the crash must have ripped open the gas tank.  Within seconds, the vehicle was engulfed in flames, with two girls trapped inside.  
Johnny pulled over then jumped over the rail, ran over to the burning car and yelled at the girls to get out of the car.  One girl followed his direction, but the other could not get out.  Her hair was tangled in the wreckage, and she was pinned inside by her hair.  At that moment Johnny dove into the inferno, yanked the girl’s hair free, allowing her to escape.  After she escaped,  Johnny explained that they (the sisters) huddled up, crying apparently happy to be alive. 

I asked Johnny if when he saw the burning car, it was an automatic response to go into danger.  He replied that when he saw the car burning and could actually feel the heat from the car that he did pause for a moment and did not want to go in.  But at that moment he thought about Jesus’ sacrifice and that it was up to Jesus not up to him.  At that time he then went to the car.

I also asked Johnny if this event changed him in any way or if there was a defining moment.  Johnny told me that the defining moment was that he "actually "got into the burning car.  He feels that this is the way he, himself would want to go…saving someone’s life and this event confirmed that to him that he could face fears unto death.

I know that Johnny doesn't consider himself a hero, but I think that anyone reading or hearing this story would realize that he is, he disregarded his own life to save another.  Lives were changed, saved and continued because of Johnny.  Thank you.

As I heard Johnny's story, it forces me to look within and wonder if I would have that same courage.  The courage to save a life despite the circumstances, the courage to do something extraordinary!  How about you, do you know someone who has experienced something extraordinary ...I would love to hear from you!

With 4th of July just passing,  I think of our service men and women who serve our country,  and those who have given their lives for it.  We thank you!   In honor of them, please click on the link, to learn more about our Country's Heroes, and please consider becoming a Hero to them, and donate to the 'Wounded Warriors Project'.

Also, the charity that is closest to Johnny's heart is Child Advocates,because he has strong emotions whenever a child or weaker/innocent person is abused or exploited in any way.…..please click here to donate.

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