Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What? Officer Al is Retiring?

Officer Al is Retiring?

Yes, it's true...our dear Officer Al is retiring this year, and we want to wish him the best as he enters this next stage of his life.  We would love to honor him with a collection of thoughts, stories, and best wishes, from the community he loves, and has served for over a decade.

He has some great stories about his experiences in Greatwood, and we bet you do too! So, please share, and be as creative as you like! You can write about the first time you met Officer Al, share a funny story, or a profound experience.  Write about a time he made you smile, or laugh out loud! Write him a special note from you and your family, or just a sentence of two about what you think of him, and his dedicated service to our community!  Let's let him know how much he has impacted our lives, and how much we appreciate him!

We will make a compilation of your posts, and present it to him in November 2012.

To share your story, thoughts, and appreciation, please email us at and share your 'Officer Al Experience' before October 1, 2012.
We welcome your photos too!

Thank you all, in advance, for making this a gift that he will cherish and enjoy, for many years to come!  

*Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have!  All posts will be edited for spelling and grammar, and profanity will be omitted. So please, keep it clean! Submissions will be credited to the sender's given name.  If you do not wish to be credited for your post, please let us know and we will name you 'anonymous'.       


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