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We're 'Awestruck' on Twitter!

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Twitter...what a world of inspiration! On August 7, 2012, Maria Shriver shared a great story from her Blog, 'Architects of Change'. We want to share it with you!

By Maria Shriver
When we're busy and stressed out -- rushing around and reacting to the hectic nature of modern life -- the everyday moments of awe often slip by us unnoticed.
Life is so very precious and short. Every day we have on this earth is a miraculous gift. And yet this stress and anxiety is affecting our ability to appreciate the small moments of our lives that make up a life.
We're all looking for a balanced, meaningful and satisfying life, and I've been thinking that the best way to experience this is to look for awe in the seemingly minor moments -- to make the minor moments matter more.
The last couple of months have been filled with huge, awe-inspiring moments. Just in the last month, we safely landed a vehicle on the surface of Mars and discovered the "God particle".
An athlete with prosthetic legs ran in the Olympics. World and Olympic records have been falling every day and Michael Phelps was crowned the greatest Olympian of all time. For the first time, women outnumbered men on the 2012 U.S. Olympic team.
Without question, these major milestones have lifted our collective spirits. But what about the moments of awe in our individuals lives that don't get registered in history books but can be recorded in our hearts?
We don't have to be Michael Phelps or NASA scientists to make awe in the world. There are opportunities to find and create awe all around us.
There is awe in simply sitting at a table with your family, everyone laughing and making memories that will last a lifetime.
There is awe in holding the door open for a stranger or giving someone an unexpected compliment.
There is awe in being there when a child takes their first step or when a loved takes their last breath.
There is awe in letting someone cry on your shoulder and there is awe in someone telling you they love you out of the blue.
The gold medal performance of a world-class Olympian like Gabby Douglas can certainly inspire awe in us. And we can also be in awe of her mother's quiet resolve to let her daughter move away so that her gifts could flourish and be presented to the world. That is awesome devotion.
There is awe everywhere we look, if we look with wonder. There are people creating it and experiencing it in their everyday lives through love and sacrifice, commitment and compassion, patience and passion, creativity and integrity.
I bet we'll see a whole lot more of it if we slow down enough to bear witness to it.
I'm trying to be awestruck in my life and by my life -- and bring awe to the lives of others."

Maria asked her readers to share their stories, and we would love to hear them too!

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