Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cynicism & Kirk Gibson

Cynicism & Kirk Gibson

  I am always trying to find the inspiration in any story.  For a while, it was even “American Idol”.  I was looking at these kids and wondering how in the world they were doing this.  Some of them have never performed in front of a huge audience.  How did they overcome their fear, their lack of skill, maybe even overcoming criticism to achieve their goal?
  I also find inspiration in sports stories; where the player comes up to bat with 2 outs, and it's the 9th inning.  Does anyone remember Kirk Gibson in the 1988 World Series? (Totally dating myself!)   Gibson found himself in this same situation in the 1988 World Series against the Oakland Athletics.  Not only was he in this situation but he wasn’t supposed to play because he had injured both legs (a pulled left hamstring and swollen right knee) and was suffering from a stomach virus.  But Tommy Lasorda put him in and he hobbled to the plate.  I always wonder what is going on in the mind of someone that is put in a position like this, in which it seems, the odds are against them.  Did he completely relax and just leave it up to fate?  Or did he use all his knowledge to perform at his peak?  How did he overcome his anxiety and the pressure of the situation? If you remember, Gibson hit a home run then pumped his fist as his teammates stormed the field. The Dodgers won the game, 5–4, and would go on to win the World Series, four games to one.

  I just love these types of stories.  Against the odds, Kirk Gibson found a way to win the game.  Despite his struggle, despite his injuries and illness, he triumphed!

  Maybe, I wanted to start this blog to inspire me!  Because of some hurtful situations in the last couple of years, I think I began to develop a mistrust of people and their intentions.  I began to question others and myself as I saw posts that were just flat out negative, rude and crude.  This may be one of the reasons this blog was started; I want to focus on the positive, and incorporate it into my own life.  I want to share stories that motivate, inspire and show the best in people.  I want to develop a trust in people again; To believe, be hopeful, and trust again.  This is why I remind myself of Kirk Gibson's story.  It helps me to have faith that against all odds, beyond all the skepticism., there is still hope and people can still overcome.
I want to focus on stories in which people are motivated, with the purest of intentions.  Is this possible?  Do you know others that are selfless?  Have you, yourself, faced challenges, negativism, cynicism, but now have overcome your feelings, and now pursue a life of hopefulness?  I would love to hear your story.

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